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      Enabling you to make better management decisions about your intellectual property portfolio.
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      Our 25 years’ experience in managing IP for multinationals and fast growing companies means we understand how to maximise the value and impact from your intangible assets.

      We help you to answer the questions you face when managing IP portfolios in fast moving markets. We work with both brand and technology driven businesses, aligning our approach with the specific needs of these different types of business.  

      Common questions on the minds of our clients include:


      • Which counterfeiters are my true competitors and how should I enforce my rights most effectively to minimise cost and sell more product?
      • Are my KPIs fit for purpose? If not, what should they be?
      • Am I getting value for money and impact from my IP services?
      • How do I better articulate IP value and communicate with commercial stakeholders internally?



      • How do I understand the innovation landscape and interact with potential collaborators and competitors?
      • What is the right size for a patent portfolio, how much should I invest and how best to enforce my rights?
      • What is the optimal structure for IP ownership and management, including trade secrets?
      • How can I manage risks around data collection, usage and cross-border transfer?

      Who We Help

      We support individuals responsible for the protection and enforcement of brands. We also support those accountable for the creation, protection, ownership, management, commercialisation and enforcement of technology assets.

      Our multidisciplinary teams and range of skills in our business – from consultants and lawyers to marketers and engineers – means we provide practical understanding and solutions not just theoretical guidance. We help you to see complex situations, simply.

      Climate Change & Practice

      Climate Change is no longer a buzz word, it's a worldwide and daily reality we cannot ignore. Regulations on global warming are quickly reshaping the business and IP landscape. As one of the first firms to practice IP with Climate Change, Rouse is at the forefront of this emerging area. Our multi-disciplinary team is composed of Climate Change attorneys, patent agents and engineers in energy and waste management.

      We help our clients navigate the evolving world of Climate Change legislation and unlock opportunities in an increasingly carbon-constrained economy by focusing on six major aspects of Climate Change. For more information, please contact the Climate Change Group.

      Our Team

      Jeremy Newman

      Principal, Head of Global Consultancy


      +44 20 7536 4103

      Tim Smith

      Principal, Rouse Consultancy


      +44 20 7536 4107

      Jacqueline Hooper

      Principal Consultant, Rouse Consultancy


      +971 4 309 8086

      Linda Chang

      Principal, General Manager, Rouse Consultancy


      +86 21 3251 9966

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      Based on data developed by Rouse, WTR published an article regarding the destination shifts Chinese-made counterfeits.

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      14 Aug 2020

      Across the globe, both supply chains and distribution routes have been disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis.

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      24 Jul 2020

      What will the in-house IP Team of 2025 look like? What should it look like?

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      22 Jul 2020

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      Building a strong IP portfolio with significant protection to reinforce company value during an IPO

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      Jeremy Newman, Tim Smith

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      28 Aug 2020

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      Assessing a newly developed data sharing platform and its adherence with Chinese data regulations.

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      Erik Oskarsson, Erik Johannesson

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      28 Aug 2020

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      Supporting a well-known luxury brand to understand how to engage with innovative start-ups in China

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      27 Aug 2020

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