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      BLACKPINK’s second EP of the same name.

      Responses to the pandemic have included closing down physical offices and limiting or suspending in-person appointments.

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      Fake medicines in Southeast Asia

      The EU has conducted extensive research with the EUIPO and OECD on fake medicines.

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      Defensive Trade Mark Registration under China’s Current Trademark Law

      Although there are no provisions in China’s Trademark Law for the defensive registration of trade marks, brand owners frequently seek to register their marks defensively in a wide range of classes.

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      Latest InsightsMore

      In this article we discuss key drivers, pain points and how to address them.

      3 minute read

      Holly White

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      07 Feb 2023

      A Q&A guide answering common questions and concerns of the Data Privacy landscape in various Southeast Asian regions

      4 minute read

      Edmund Baranda

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      11 Nov 2021

      In this report, we summarize the key achievements of the first week and what to expect from the second week.

      1 minute read

      Fabrice Mattei

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      10 Nov 2021



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      What's Happening at RouseMore

      Rouse supporting this year's virtual 2020 WTR awards.

      1 minute read

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      23 Sep 2020

      Lessons you don’t learn at school

      4 minute read

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      29 Sep 2020


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