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Rouse’s enforcement data solution, providing brand protection teams with the data they need.

CHORUS empowers brand protection teams across the globe - providing the data they need to run successful enforcement campaigns. Our web-based solution provides a collaborative space to collect, share and analyse multiple data sources to drive decisions on real-world threats. Chorus’ real-time data insights, provide brand protection teams with key information they need in a fast changing landscape.

Interactive overview of IP portfolio and performance

As an IP manager accurate information is key to helping make the right decisions about your company’s portfolio and potential litigation. However, with so much information out there how do you identify what is important and what is just noise?

Unique online tool providing statistical analysis of Chinese IP administrative appeals and civil infringement litigation proceedings.

The growth of IP litigation in China has been bewildering. But for many foreign rights owners, uncertainty still hangs over the litigation landscape in China as a result of little meaningful data available to separate misconception from reality. We have gathered data from more than 50,000 published IP judgments across all major IP courts in China since 2006, to provide rights owners the information they need to develop an informed approach to enforcement in China.

World’s first intellectual property carbon footprint calculator.

In a increasingly carbon-constrained economy, companies are under rising pressure to report their GHG emissions incurred in all their activities, in order to offset them and reach carbon neutrality by or before 2050. CLIPMATE offers a unique solution for IP owners, IP Offices and other entities involved in protecting and enforcing IPRs, to calculate, reduce and offset GHG emissions incurred in their IP activities.

Discover how long it will take for a patent to be granted in China and South East Asia.

Patempo is a calculator which allows users to estimate the patent pendency for patents in China and South East Asia. In many countries, especially those with developing intellectual property environments, the average time to grant a patent from application now stands at several years or more. For some industries, the average is even higher. Knowing where you stand allows informed decisions around investments, product development and even the launch of a business.

An automated scoring and valuation system for patents and other intellectual property.

Intangio is a collaboration between Rouse, a leading IP consulting and services business that serves the most successful Chinese and international IP owners, and Inngot, an award-winning leader in the use of standardised systems to identify, score and value IP and other intangible assets. Intangio’s automated tool is currently only available in China for users of Ali Auctions for the purpose of assessing patents for bankruptcy auctions.

Real-time information about climate change lawsuits in southeast Asia

The first database that tracks and analyses climate change litigation in South-East Asia providing updated information on climate change jurisprudence based on various causes of action.

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